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10 Questions with Women's Golfers Richelle and Richia Wedzik

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Richelle Wedzik (far left) and Richia Wedzik (far right) are two of the six seniors on the women's golf team. They will play in their last tournament at Upstate at the A-Sun championships on April 13-15.

Richelle Wedzik (far left) and Richia Wedzik (far right) are two of the six seniors on the women's golf team. They will play in their last tournament at Upstate at the A-Sun championships on April 13-15.

April 2, 2009

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Twin sisters Richelle Wedzik and Richia Wedzik both transferred to Upstate after their freshmen seasons at Coastal Carolina. Since then, the sisters have traded spots as the Spartans' leader over the past three years. In the 2007-08 season, Richia led the team with a 79.7 stroke average, while Richelle finished in a close second with a 79.8 stroke average.

In their sophomore seasons, it was Richelle who led the team with a 77.8 stroke average, boasting three top-five finishes, eight top-10 efforts and nine top-20 finishes. Richia finished the season ranked third with an 81.5 stroke average, tallying two top-five, five top-10 and six top-20 finishes. She also won the individual championship at the Anderson Invitational.

Richelle finished with an 82 on Tuesday and a 54-hole total of 252 to finish tied for 21st at the Larry Nelson Collegiate in Braselton, Ga. Richia concluded with an 81 on Tuesday and finished tied for 24th with a 253 total for the two-day tournament. The next tournament the sisters will compete in will be the A-Sun Championships, as they will travel to Victoria Hills Country Club in DeLand, Fla. on April 13-15.

Both athletes are also exceptional students in the classroom, achieving selections to the A-Sun All-Academic team last spring. While Richia has focused her studies on an interdisciplinary studies major, Richelle has chose to study early childhood education.

Both Richelle and Richia sat down with and discussed their playing experiences at USC Upstate and also whether post-graduation will lead them down different paths.

The two of you were ranked first- and second- on the team last season with only one-tenth of a stroke differentiating the two of you. Are you two very competitive with each other?
Richelle: No, I think that we always want to see one another succeed most importantly. We are always supporting each other and always trying to do the best we can for the team.

Richia: I agree. I'd rather have Richelle do better than me than any other opponents. I think we help boost each other's game and help one another work harder as well.

Why did you both decide to leave Coastal Carolina and come play at USC Upstate?
Richelle: It was never really an option for us to go to different schools. Coming here, we realized that the coaching was much better and everyone on the team seemed to get along more. It just seemed like the better place for the both of us.

Richia: We weren't really happy with everything at Coastal Carolina and we felt that we would be more challenged in golf and enjoy ourselves more here at USC Upstate. We're very happy with our decision.

Did the two of you always plan on going to the same school or was it something that more or less just worked out that way?
Richia: I think that we always planned on going to the same school. We've never been apart for long periods of time and I think we build off each other and work better together.

Richelle: We've never really been separated so we never thought about going to different schools. I guess we just always assumed we'd end up at the same place one way or another.

Would you say that the two of you have more in common or more differences than people think? Can you explain some of them?
Richelle: I'd say both. I know we have a lot in common because we do a lot of things together, but there are always differences that people point out as well. People say Richia is more outgoing and more likely to say what's on her mind, more so than I am.

Richia: I'd say Richelle is more reserved and keeps to herself more, but many of our likes and interests are similar.

What plans do each of you have upon the completion of your senior season and after graduation?
Richelle: I'm not really sure what I want to do yet. We both will probably end up home after graduation to stay with our mom and save up money. I'd like to teach first grade.

Richia: Yeah, I think we will both end up home for a year or two and eventually go to grad school. I'd like to teach also, probably on the elementary school level.

In your opinion, what is the best course you have experienced playing on in your career?
Richelle: I really enjoyed the last course we played on in the Larry Nelson Collegiate Invitational hosted by Kennesaw State at the Chateau Elan Resort. There was also a really nice course we played on in Florida for the PGA Nationals.

Richia: My favorite course is the Victoria Hills Country Club in DeLand, Fla., because I always do well there. I'm excited that conference championships are being played there.

Two Questions for Richelle Wedzik:

You led the team with five top-20 finishes last year and also claimed three top-10 finishes. What's the best part of your golf game in your opinion?
I usually get a really strong start off the tee with a solid drive, which then sets me up for the rest of the hole. I think that's my strongest point which is the foundation for the rest of my golf game.

If you could have played a different sport here at USC Upstate, what would you have chosen?
To be honest, I can't really picture myself competing in anything else except golf. Growing up, I played softball, basketball and cheerleading, but I don't think I could have done any of those on the college level.

Two Questions for Richia Wedzik:

You were the runner-up to your sister at the 2004 Low Country Junior Amateur. Does she tease you about that?
No, I'm glad she played so well in the tournament. We didn't finish far from each other, which is usually how it goes. I think just the similarities in the way we play plays in a significant factor in how close our scores usually are when we finish.

What has been the key to your success here at USC Upstate over the past three years?
I think the team has grown and gotten stronger each year not only with our golf games, but with our team chemistry as well, especially this year we're all very close. I think all of the differences outside of our golf games have made a positive impact on the team and my success as an individual because I feel comfortable and happy with the team and my place on it.

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