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Game Highs and Lows
Game-by-Game Highs

                             2004-05 USC Upstate Women's Basketball
                      USC Upstate Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 01, 2005)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
vs North Greenville       11-19-04  68-66  W    18-Wynne, Karmel 11-Wynne, Karmel  7-Worthy, Keosh  3-Feyes, Stepha  2-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                    Ross, Yakeesh
at Tusculum               11-20-04  71-74  OL   16-Ross, Yakeesh 14-Ross, Yakeesh 10-Worthy, Keosh  4-Shuler, Toya   1-Ross, Yakeesh
at Belmont Abbey          11-23-04  68-92   L   16-Thompson, Sha 12-Miles, Lele    2-Miles, Lele    2-Pallardy, Sha  2-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Feyes, Stepha
                                                                                     Pallardy, Sha
CONVERSE                  11-27-04  87-73  W    27-Ross, Yakeesh 11-Miles, Lele    5-Thompson, Sha  3-Shuler, Toya   3-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Feyes, Stepha
at North Carolina Central 11-29-04  76-74  W    21-Feyes, Stepha 10-Ross, Yakeesh  5-Worthy, Keosh  6-Ross, Yakeesh  2-Miles, Lele
PRESBYTERIAN              12-01-04  76-53  W    19-Worthy, Keosh 12-Ross, Yakeesh  4-Feyes, Stepha  2-Miles, Lele    2-Shuler, Toya
                                                                                     Worthy, Keosh                     Ross, Yakeesh
at Newberry               12-04-04  60-67   L   14-Worthy, Keosh 15-Ross, Yakeesh  3-Thompson, Sha  1-Redd, Vania    3-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Shuler, Toya     Shuler, Toya
MARS HILL                 12-06-04  73-61  W    17-Ross, Yakeesh 15-Ross, Yakeesh  5-Worthy, Keosh  5-Miles, Lele    3-Ross, Yakeesh
NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL    12-30-04  69-47  W    13-Shuler, Toya   7-Shuler, Toya   4-Shuler, Toya   3-Thompson, Sha  4-Ross, Yakeesh
WINSTON-SALEM STATE       12-31-04  81-78  W    19-Shuler, Toya  12-Miles, Lele    5-Shuler, Toya   5-Shuler, Toya   1-Ross, Yakeesh
at Lincoln Memorial       01-03-05  52-57   L   14-Ross, Yakeesh 15-Miles, Lele    4-Shuler, Toya   2-Ross, Yakeesh  4-Ross, Yakeesh
at USC Aiken              01-05-05  36-63   L    8-Ross, Yakeesh  8-Miles, Lele    2-Worthy, Keosh  5-Miles, Lele    3-Ross, Yakeesh
NORTH FLORIDA             01-08-05  71-60  W    17-Worthy, Keosh  7-Miles, Lele    7-Worthy, Keosh  3-Shuler, Toya   3-Ross, Yakeesh
FRANCIS MARION            01-12-05  62-49  W    16-Ross, Yakeesh 13-Ross, Yakeesh  5-Worthy, Keosh  3-Redd, Vania    1-Wynne, Karmel
                                                                                                      Worthy, Keosh    Feyes, Stepha
                                                                                                                       Ross, Yakeesh
at Kennesaw State         01-15-05  76-90   L   20-Feyes, Stepha 12-Miles, Lele    7-Pallardy, Sha  2-Worthy, Keosh  3-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                    Ross, Yakeesh                     Thompson, Sha
AUGUSTA STATE             01-19-05  50-48  W    11-Ross, Yakeesh 10-Miles, Lele    5-Redd, Vania    4-Redd, Vania    3-Ross, Yakeesh
COLUMBUS STATE            01-22-05  58-84   L   12-Miles, Lele   13-Miles, Lele    3-Feyes, Stepha  3-Redd, Vania    3-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Worthy, Keosh
at Francis Marion         01-26-05  68-60  W    21-Miles, Lele   10-Miles, Lele   11-Redd, Vania    3-Redd, Vania    1-Ross, Yakeesh
at Augusta State          02-02-05  54-60   L   11-Redd, Vania   13-Miles, Lele    2-Wynne, Karmel  4-Shuler, Toya   1-Wynne, Karmel
                                                                                     Feyes, Stepha                     Feyes, Stepha
                                                                                     Shuler, Toya
CLAYTON STATE             02-05-05  57-83   L   15-Miles, Lele    9-Ross, Yakeesh  4-Redd, Vania    1-Worthy, Keosh  1-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                                      Shuler, Toya     Wynne, Karmel
                                                                                                      Miles, Lele
at Lander                 02-09-05  50-78   L   13-Ross, Yakeesh  7-Wynne, Karmel  4-Miles, Lele    4-Miles, Lele    2-Ross, Yakeesh
UNC PEMBROKE              02-12-05  63-67   L   14-Feyes, Stepha  8-Wynne, Karmel  6-Worthy, Keosh  5-Ross, Yakeesh  1-Wynne, Karmel
                                                                    Ross, Yakeesh                                      Ross, Yakeesh
at Georgia College & Stat 02-14-05  65-78   L   11-Redd, Vania    9-Ross, Yakeesh  2-Redd, Vania    3-Redd, Vania    2-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Thompson, Sha                     Wynne, Karmel
                                                                                     Worthy, Keosh
USC AIKEN                 02-16-05  56-51  W    12-Redd, Vania    8-Wynne, Karmel  3-Shuler, Toya   4-Ross, Yakeesh None
                                                                    Blandin, Juli                     Redd, Vania
at Armstrong Atlantic St. 02-19-05  61-56  W    12-Worthy, Keosh  8-Wynne, Karmel  5-Worthy, Keosh  4-Redd, Vania    1-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                    Ross, Yakeesh                                      Worthy, Keosh
LANDER                    02-23-05  62-54  W    15-Feyes, Stepha 18-Ross, Yakeesh  9-Worthy, Keosh  3-Ross, Yakeesh  5-Ross, Yakeesh
at UNC Pembroke           02-26-05  52-61   L   12-Wynne, Karmel  9-Miles, Lele    3-Redd, Vania    3-Redd, Vania    2-Wynne, Karmel
                                                                                     Worthy, Keosh
vs North Florida          03-01-05  57-59   L   12-Pallardy, Sha  8-Wynne, Karmel  2-Miles, Lele    5-Redd, Vania    1-Ross, Yakeesh
                                                                                     Worthy, Keosh                     Worthy, Keosh
                                                                                     Redd, Vania                       Wynne, Karmel

USC Upstate Women's Basketball
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