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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The 2009-10 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Upstate Spartans Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is to:

• Promote student-athlete welfare
• Promote understanding of NCAA and A-Sun legislation
• Provide a collective voice of the student-athletes to the administration and promote healthy relationships therewith
• Promote service of student-atheltes in the community
• Provide structure for student-athlete peer support
• Represent high standards of character expected of student-athletes
• Coordinate sponsored social events for student-athletes
• Distribute a monthly SAAC newsletter to student-athletes

The SAAC consists of representatives from each sport and will be made up of 30-40 members. The SAAC will have a President, Vice-President, and Secretary serving in officer positions. These will be voted upon annually each spring by the SAAC membership.

The SAAC leadership will determine the number of new members that are needed each year in coordination with the coaches. Term appointments are for a full year but may be extended if desired.

SAAC representatives are required to attend every SAAC meeting (once every three weeks) unless excused for team travel. Failure to attend meetings will result in dismissal from the SAAC. Representatives will have responsibilities to report back to their respective teams from information discussed in meetings, events that are planned, etc.

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