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The USC Upstate Athletic Department is currently accepting nominations for the Class of 2010 to be inducted into the shrine in February of 2010. Please contact Mike Hall at (864) 503-5140 or Jules Bryant at (864) 503-5143 with your nominations, or e-mail Bill English.

The USC Upstate Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1998 to recognize individuals who have outstanding athletic accomplishments or have made significant contributions to USC Upstate athletics.

"After 30 years of athletics, we would like to pay tribute to the individuals who have been instrumental in laying a firm foundation in the traditions of our athletics department," said Athletic Director Mike Hall. "Our athletics department has enjoyed many successes. I want this to be a way to recognize individuals who have been so instrumental in our history." All former student-athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators and staff are eligible for nomination with all former student-athletes expected to have graduated from USC Upstate. All former student-athlete nominees must have participated at least two years at USC Upstate, and their eligibility must have expired at least five years prior to being nominated. Exceptions to the above criteria may be considered for outstanding achievement.

For more information on the Hall of Fame, please email Mike Hall or call at 864-503-5140.
2010 Upstate Athletics Hall of Fame Photo Gallery

2010 Inductees2009 Inductees2008 Inductees
  • Krista Altom
  • Kelly Cummings Bowden
  • Matthew Brown
  • Elbert Jones
  • Erin Kopec
  • Todd Ellison
  • Kristy Middagh
  • Greg Watson
  • Don Brock
  • James Eley
  • Sherman Eller
  • Willie Murdaugh
  • Kim Pitman
  • Kristina Ribicic
  • 2007 Inductees2006 Inductees2005 Inductees
  • Doug Lightbody
  • Jorge Valenzuela
  • Kristin Korte Zurliene
  • Beth Bayer
  • James Holland
  • Kenny Dickson
  • Lindsay Bright
  • Bob Cheshier
  • Greg Hooks
  • Henrik Ronnevig
  • Thea Moen Ronnevig
  • Stacey Berrong
  • John Daurity
  • Sara Henrichs Durham
  • Scott Halkett
  • Willis Woodruff
  • 2004 Inductees2003 Inductees2002 Inductees
  • Heather Abrams
  • Wendell Gibson
  • Doug Keelan
  • Kasper Nielsen
  • Danny Rebuck
  • Mario del Pino
  • Chris Hawkins
  • Carla Gambrell Pesce
  • Darren Ambrose
  • Michelle Graham
  • Marlon Burgess
  • Ulysses Hackett
  • 2001 Inductees2000 Inductees1999 Inductees
  • Martha Cobo
  • Martin Hill
  • Frank Kohlenstein
  • Michael Massey
  • Mike Smith
  • Steven 'Skip' Frye
  • Robert 'Firechief' Smith
  • Jerry Waters
  • Dr. Joseph C. Bowman
  • Michael J. Gibson
  • Gwendolyn Whiteside-Proctor